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Because you believe that you can positively impact a student's academic goals. Because you believe in team work. Because you want to help students realize their dreams. Because you have a lot of knowledge stored up in your brain and you need to share it. Because you believe in tutelage. Because you love to write. Because everything you write stands out.

As innovators in the field of professional essay and dissertation writing, we are always keeping an eye out for talent as we continue growing our human capital - in-house and freelance.

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Each person in our team is unique in an awe-inspiring manner. Our team's eccentric nature is what makes MyPaperPros run like a well oiled machine.

When our writers' fingers hover above their computer keyboards, they are always inspired to churn out their genius into word processing software to come up with amazing custom research for you - our clients.

Here's a glimpse of some of our randomly selected freelance writers and their qualifications.

Expert: Economics, Political Economics

Department: Research Papers

Part-time employee. Graduate degree in Politics from Penn State University 2006; undergraduate degree in Political Economics from Texas University (Austin) in 2004.

Interests: Current and international affairs, rafting, contemporary art.

Expert: IT

Department: Essays

Full time employee of Graduate of University of Minnesota. Bachelor degree with distinction in Software Engineering.

Interests: C++, Java, HTML, Pascal

Senior Expert: Business and Management

Department: Term Papers

Freelance employee of MBA, Harvard Business School, 2007. Undergraduate degree from Bocconi University, Italy in Bs Economics

Interests: Running the enterprise, tennis.

Proofreader: Social Sciences

Department: Essays

Full time employee of Graduate of University of Illinois, 2005. Advanced language courses and extended linguistics training, Jan 2006 - June 2006.

Interests: Politics, reading and golf

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